• Ann Tomany Park

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OHV Staging Area

OHV Staging Area

Located on the North side of the arena at the Fairgrounds
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The Town of Tonopah is proudly partnering with the Nevada Off-road Association to enhance your off-road experience.

Patriots Park

Patriot Park - Charters of Freedom

Patriot Park – Charters of Freedom

Sportsmans Park

Sportsmans Park

Located on Highway 376, Sportsman’s Park is the location
of the annual Tonopah Kids Fishing Derby.

Anne Tomany Park

Located on Ray Tennant Drive

Peavine Campground

Peavine Campground

Located in Peavine Canyon, on the southeastern side of the Toiyabe Mountain Range.
Peavine Creek also flows through this site. Learn more »

Tonopah Ranger District

Tonopah Ranger District

The Tonopah Ranger District is the largest ranger district in the lower 48 states. The district encompasses 1.12 million acres on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. The Toiyabe Mountain range is a 125-mile “spinelike” range with 50 miles of it rising above 10,000 feet. Extending from Cottonwood Canyon in the south to 6 miles north of Austin, Nevada, this rugged range has limited access due to its terrain. Learn more about the surrounding wilderness areas by contacting the Tonopah Ranger District.

Phone: (775) 482-6286

Alta Toquima Wilderness Area

The Alta Toquima Wilderness is located within the Toquima Mountain Range in Central Nevada. This Wilderness Area hosts the tallest peak in Central Nevada, Mount Jefferson, 11,900 feet. The Atla Toquima Wilderness contains one of the most beautiful destinations in Central Nevada, Pine Creek. Learn more » 

Table Mountain Wilderness Area

Table Mountain is located along the Table Mountain Range, east of Alta Toquima Wilderness and north of the McKinney Mountains of Central Nevada. With an average elevation just over 10,000 feet Table Mountain Wilderness offers much more than the high altitude found in the neighboring Wilderness Areas. Over ten miles long and several miles wide, the Wilderness Area contains one of Nevada’s largest continuous stands of Aspen.  Learn more » 

Arc Dome Wilderness Area

Situated in the southern portion of the Toiyabe Range, Arc Dome Wilderness Area offers breathtaking vistas, seemingly endless trails, and spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities. The Wilderness Areas’ main attraction is the National Recreation Toiyabe Crest Trail.  Learn more »

Tonopah Parks

All Parks in Tonopah are free to the public. However, if you would like to hold a birthday party, baby shower, family reunion or any other event where you expect 25 or more people to attend, please contact the Tonopah Convention Center (775) 482-3558 to schedule your event and to have restrooms and other amenities available.

Pay for pool rental, pool passes
& corral rental below.

Barsanti Park / Tonopah Memorial Swimming Pool

Click Here For Pool Information

Located on Bryan Avenue
Pool Ph: (775) 482-9858
Park amenities: Picnic Area, Playground

Butler Park

Located on Mizpah Circle.
Park amenities: Covered Picnic Area, Basketball Court and Playground

Harvey Park

Located on Globemallow Lane.
Park amenities: Ball Park, and Playground

Harvey Park

Liberty Park

Located on Black Mountain Court.
Park amenities: Playground

Patriots Park

Located on Main Street in Front of the Tonopah Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Services.

Tonopah Fairgrounds & Arena

Click here for information
Located on Highway 6 E

All parks close at dark. Fairgrounds are open 24/7