Charters of Freedom at Patriots Park

Interesting Facts

Charters of Freedom• The Charters of Freedom project in Tonopah was originated by Tonopah Elks #1062

• The Tonopah Charters of Freedom is the highest elevation setting in the United States

• Tonopah is the 55th setting of the Charters of Freedom in the United States

• Tonopah is the 2nd setting in Nevada

• The foundation goes down 3 to 3 1⁄2 feet below the surface it is reinforced with rebar and then poured concrete

• The centerpiece, just the foundation and core weighs over 38,000 pounds over 19 tons

• There are six pages to the documents. All are life size which means the Declaration of Independence is a little larger than the others

• Each document is mounted on 1⁄4” etched bronze and weighs over 60 pounds each.

• The Eagle on the front seal represents the Declaration of Independence – Strong, Bold, Defiant

• The Seven Stars above the Eagle represent the Seven Articles of the U.S. Constitution

• The Ten Stars under the eagle represent the first ten amendments – your Bill of Rights

• The Vault and Time Capsule at the back of the center setting will be opened on September 17, 2087.  The 300th Anniversary of our United States Constitution

If you would Like to order a personalized brick, go the the Charters of Freedom Foundation website at: