Tonopah Emergency Services

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness and Assistance for Tonopah Residents

LOSS OF POWER:  The Convention Center is now equipped with an automatic generator that will provide residents with a place to shelter in the event of extended power outages in Town.

FLOODING:  The Town of Tonopah will provide residents with fillable sandbags at no charge, in the event of flooding due to excessive rain and snowfall runoff.

WATER/SEWER:  Tonopah Public Utilities is available to respond to water and sewer emergencies 24/7.

The Town is committed to assisting residents in any way possibly can.   If the Town does not have the resources to assist you, we can help you find the right agency with the resources to help.

For Emergency Disaster Assistance Call:  (775) 482-6643

Tonopah Volunteer Fire Department & Ambulance Service

209 N. St. Patrick
Tonopah, NV  89049

Fire Chief:

Robert Elliott
Tonopah Volunteer Fire Department
P.O.  Box 1128
Tonopah, NV  89049
Fax:  (775) 482-3778

Tonopah EMS – Volunteer Ambulance Service

P.O. Box 868
Tonopah, NV  89049

Stephanie Otteson
TVAS Coordinator
(775) 482-4809

Naomi Wilde
TVAS Assistant Coordinator
(702) 901-3797 (leave a message she screens her calls)

Nye County Sheriff’s Office

101 Radar Rd
Non Emergency: (775) 482-8101
Sheriff Administration: (775) 482-8110
Nye County Sheriff Website

Goldfield-Esmeralda County Sheriff’s Office

(775) 485-6373

Nevada Highway Patrol

Dial *NHP or *647 Star (* ) NHP is a cellular phone line used by motorists to report drunk drivers, traffic crashes, stranded or disabled motorists, or any suspicious incidents occurring on any of Nevada’s roadways.
Nevada Highway Patrol Website

Nye County Health & Human Services

101 Radar Rd
Tonopah, NV  89049

(775) 482-8125

Note: Cellular phones do not work in all areas of Nye and Esmeralda Counties

Frontier Medical Group

Family Medicine Clinic
825 S. Main Street
Tonopah, Nevada 89049
(775) 382-2000

Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority

450 Edison Way
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 858-5700
email | website

Tonopah Mental Health Center

119 St. Patrick Street, Tonopah, NV 89049
(775) 482-6742