Business License Information

The Town of Tonopah makes doing business easier than ever!

The Tonopah Town Board voted not to enforce the local business license ordinance for calendar years 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022 for all businesses other than hotels and motels. If you are operating a hotel or motel, please complete the business license application and e-mail it to (there is no fee for this)

This service is provided free of charge for Tonopah businesses. Businesses outside of Tonopah that provide services in Town, can be listed for an annual fee of $50. Please submit the “Business Listing Application” linked on this page.

Please note: All other requirements/laws are still in effect.

Every person, firm or corporation doing business within the Town of Tonopah shall abide by all local, county, state or federal laws and regulations which may apply to his/her/its business.

Please feel free to contact the Town Office if you have any questions regarding this matter


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