Haunted Tonopah

Are you fascinated by ghosts and long to visit haunted locations? Tonopah is the place for you!

Paranormal investigators come from around the world to search for Tonopah’s spirits.

We have the beautiful and elusive Lady in Red at the Mizpah Hotel.  She was stabbed and strangled to death in between rooms 502 and 504 by a jealous ex-lover and continues to haunt the 5th floor as well as the elevator.  If she likes you she may even leave you some pearls.  The Mizpah is also home to several other ghosts, including some very playful children on the 3rd floor and murdered miners in the basement.  Check out the book of ghost stories and photos at the front desk!

The Tonopah Liquor Company is home to George “Devil” Davis, who loves playing pranks.

He was known as a joker and prankster when he was alive, and not much has changed!  The TLC is also home to Hattie, an incredibly maternal and kind former brothel employee and barmaid who loves children.

Bina Verrault was an incredibly clever and elegant woman on the run from the law in New York City when she died in Tonopah.

She makes her permanent home at the Tonopah Historic Mining Park’s Visitor’s Center.  Watch carefully as you come up the hill, she loves to look out the windows.  Both visitors and employees have heard voices and caught strange things on camera in several of the buildings on the property, which makes sense since so many people died there – mining was an incredibly dangerous occupation.

Visit Vanwood Variety Store, previously known as the Golden Block, built in 1902 and the first permanent stone building in Tonopah.

The building was originally home to the Nye County Bank and built by Frank Golden, who was later arrested and charged with embezzlement.  Strange sounds, breezes coming from nowhere, weird lights, and voices occur on an almost daily basis.  A previous employee of the bank died in the old safe in the basement, and it is believed he is the one haunting the building.

Stop by the infamous Clown Motel and stay in one of its haunted rooms.

Make sure you spend some time exploring the Old Tonopah Cemetery right next door.  There are stories of weird noises, strange lights, and full body apparitions at the Old Cemetery.  You can even visit the graves of Bina Verrault and George “Devil” Davis!  You can read more about their stories and get a map to their graves by picking up an Old Cemetery Walking Tour Brochure at our local hotels, museums, and the Town Office.  You can also download a copy here.