Business License Information

We welcome new businesses coming to our town!

Tonopah’s form of government removes a lot of red tape that a company may encounter in a larger, city setting. We are located in “the middle of everywhere”, midway between Reno and Las Vegas, the perfect central location for your business.

How to obtain a Tonopah Business License

Tonopah Town Ordinance 94-01, states that: “It is unlawful for any person, partnership or corporation to offer, engage in, or carry on any business, trade or profession or calling within the limits of the Town without first applying for and procuring a business license”. In order to issue a business license, the Town of Tonopah requires that you complete a business license application, which can be downloaded from this page, completed, signed and returned to the Town office via mail or fax.

We will also require copies of your fictitious name certificate, sales tax permit number, state contractor license number, state health permit numbers, and state business license number, if applicable to your business. Business license fees are based on a point system and are levied on a quarterly basis. Upon receipt of the completed application, your business license fee will be calculated based upon the information provided therein. Nonprofit organizations shall file an application for a business license, but shall be exempt from license fees.

Please feel free to contact the Town office if you have any questions regarding the issuance of your business license.


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