Mark your calendars for the August 13th Rodeo!

Details will be posted soon.

The 4th Annual Jim Butler Stampede Sunday, May 29th

Congratulations go to:

Mutton Busting
1st place girl- Charlotte Thompson
2nd place- Isla Godfrey
1st place boy- Luke Concoby
2nd place- Everett Dowers
Calf Roping
1st place- Denton Petersen with a time of 12.02
2nd place- Chance Johnson with a time of 14.68
Ranch Bronc
1st place- Landon Lujon with 62 points
Open Barrels
1st place- Mary Moore with a time of 18.25
2nd place- Josie Merritt with a time of 18.95
Junior Barrels
1st place- Dallie Griffith with a time of 19.76
2nd place- Hannah Yount with a time of 19.78
Open Breakaway
1st place- Kayla Tsuneyoshi with a time of 3.09
2nd place- Lea Belgarde with a time of 4.03
Jr. Breakaway– No times
Team Roping
1st place- Richie Griffith/ Denton Peterson with a time of 7.05
2nd place- Trent Pewtress/ Jake Stewart with a time of 7.41
Wild Cow Milking
1st place- Ian Guthridge, Eric Reynoso and Tanner Stritenberger
2nd place- Landon Lujon, Israel Peak, and Max Torres
Rescue Race
1st place- Lea Belgarde and Blaine Spoonhunter
2nd place- Tj Ladner and Raelinn Ladner
1st place Cody Panero with a score of 73
We want to thank all of these fabulous contestants. We were grateful to have you and hope to see you back August 13th for our summer rodeo!